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Pre-closed Microcentrifuge Tubes

Pre-closed Microcentrifuge Tubes


Pre-closed Microcentrifuge Tubes

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Details: SciStar microcentrifuge tubes are certified sterile, RNase free, DNase free, and pyrogen free. The polypropylene material provides a high resistance to chemical stress, mechanical stress, and the extreme temperatures found in laboratories. Pre-closed for convenience, these sterile polypropylene centrifuge tubes are great for a variety of laboratory and everyday uses. Certified sterile and RNase free / DNase free makes these lab centrifuge tubes perfect for PCR reactions, DNA extractions, RNA extractions, nucleic acid purification, protein separation, and more! Great for home uses including seed container and seed storage, essential oil storage, crafts, food colors, and many more. The included reusable storage container is wide-mouth, easily accessible, and comes sterile. Great storage for waste, used pipette tips, or trash.

Reasons to Love

STERILE – EO sterilized with indicator sticker. Certified Sterile, RNase free, DNAase free, and Pyrogen free. Containers and individual tubes are sterile, laboratory tubes designed for real laboratory use.
PRE-CLOSED – SciStar microcentrifuge tubes are pre-closed! Caps are closed to ensure cleanliness, save significant time, and eliminate any frustration. Centrifuge tubes are sterile inside and out – ideal for important samples!
MULTIPURPOSE – Microcentrifuge tubes are perfect for laboratory experiments (PCR, protein lystates, etc) and home use. Tubes are sterile, DNAse free, RNAse free. Centrifuge tube use in lab is perfect for DNA extraction, protein purification, and more.
CONVENIENT STORAGE – Included! Durable screw-top container is designed to be reusable around the home or lab. The container is verified sterile by EO sticker. Perfect for tip waste, other tube storage, or general waste. Easily stackable.
EASY-TO-LABEL – Clear polypropylene tubes are easy to label. Graduations are included to indicate filling quantity, and the labeling area makes for easy sample identification. Hinged lid is equipped with snapping lock to ensure quality seal.

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